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Hover your mouse over the diagram below (showing an electric 2-Oven Model) to see an explanantion of the various components of this superb product.
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aga explained Heat Source: can be gas, oil, or electrically powered Roasting Oven: As well as roasts, use the top of this oven for grilling and the bottom for frying food that's perfectly crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside. By adding the AGA cold-shelf, you create in the bottom half the perfect baking temperature Simmering Oven: Using this versatile oven in conjunction with the hotter oven and hot-plates is the key to AGA cooking simplicity - and its wonderful flavours Conventional Oven: Hot top and bottom, comparatively cooler in the middle. The oven doubles as a grill with full or half width settings for versatility Fan Oven: this heats up quickly and maintains a constant termperature throughout the oven Simmering plate: the gentle heat is perfect when you need to simmer milk or sauces, sauté or griddle. You can even cook drop-scones directly on the hot-plate Boiling Plate: A high heat that can boil water faster than most electric kettles. It;s large enough to hold three average-sized sacuepands at once Hob: in this model and electric, ceramic hob with four rapid-response elements. A four-burner gas hob is also availble
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